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Welcome to Information Connectivity Solutions Limited



Who we are

Information Connectivity Solutions Limited (ICSL) is a provider of premium broadband network infrastructure and connectivity solutions.


What we do

Our core competence is in the provision of stable and highly available wireless area network (WAN) solutions.


Our Philosophy

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More about ICSL

We also have a department that is focused on helping you design your IP architecture such that your network growth...

Managed IT Services

We provide complete solutions and take time to understand your requirements and also your business.

Network Performance

Network engineers are constantly facing the challenges, of minimizing downtimes, monitoring network performance.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

This technology is used for making telephone calls over the internet. Using a VoIP service means you can make cheap calls.

Broadband Internet Services

Our internet access service comes in different shades and sizes depending on your needs.

LAN Consulting

ICSL LAN support services are structured to allow us to begin a working relationship with you...

GSM Cellular Blackhaul

To expand the reach the reach of the network, the interface between the BSC and multiple BTSs must be extended...

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