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Our Services

 ICSL provides a variety of quality end-user services to help bring about distinct productivity procedures. Our services are:

Managed IT Services

We provide complete solutions and take time to understand your requirements and also your business, in a bid to provide a solution that fits you. We provide you access to our team of specialized professionals that have a passion for technology and the benefits it can bring to your business systems and communications.

We work with variety of companies that do not have their own specialized IT staff and we can become an extension of your own company; effectively it is like having your own IT department on call, just without the expense of actually hiring dedicated IT support staff.

Network Performance Infrastructure

Network engineers are constantly facing the challenges, of minimizing downtimes, monitoring network performance, managing compliancy requirements, and performing bulk configuration changes as well as increasing productivity. Our network performance monitor provides users with the comprehension of their network health viz a viz network availability, bandwidth utilization and volume usage. The NPM monitors your network availability for 24x7 and alerts you either via your phone or pager anytime network issue arises.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

This technology is used for making telephone calls over the internet. Using a VoIP service means you can make cheap calls anywhere through a fast internet connection. We provide all the support services required to facilitate the implementation of VoIP into your IP environment, including network design, equipment procurement and maintenance.

You can call anyone using VoIP, they don’t need to have a VoIP phone or an internet connection, but if they do use a VoIP service your calls to them will be free. On corporate network, VoIP is a perfect way to save cost on voice communications.

Broadband Internet Services

We provide VSAT internet access service with considerable bandwidth size. Our internet access service comes in different shades and sizes depending on your needs. We recommend dedicated SCPC to our customers who are engaged in ecommerce; whereas a shared bandwidth with appropriate contention ratio is for customers whose use of the internet is just to access the worldwide web. Our bandwidth recommendations are large enough to allow for fast and efficient download of data, voice and video.

LAN Consulting

ICSL LAN support services are structured to allow us to begin a working relationship with you at any stage of your local area networking requirements. Our services range from design and implementation of LANs to complete outsourcing of your LAN support needs.

GSM Cellular Backhaul using TDMA

To expand the reach the reach of the network, the interface between the BSC and multiple BTSs must be extended in the most cost efficient manner possible. Terrestrial microwave radio is adequate in areas that can be easily accessed over a single radio hub, but most of the more remote areas are far beyond their reach or are not in the line of sight range.

Satellite transmission, on the other hand, is an ideal candidate for these applications that are sensitive to distance. SCPC (single channel per carrier) satellite connection has historically bridged the gap where traditional terrestrial networks were not viable options.

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